Qatar in Belgium

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While the eyes of the world turn to the human rights violations in Qatar, we should also dare to look at the situation right here in Europe. 

Qatar In Belgium is a short documentary (26min) about the workers who were exploited on a building site at the port of Antwerp and how they fought together to demand their rights.

The story

A huge case of human trafficking and economic exploitation came to light this summer, at a construction site of chemical company Borealis at the port of Antwerp. 174 victims came forward. According to Belgian law, they had to be taken into protection immediately. Unfortunately two months after the outbreak, there was still no help for most of the victims.

How could this have happened? ‘Qatar In Belgium’ follows the group of Bengali and Turkish workers during their struggle for recognition and asks questions about the responsibility of companies that outsource their work through subcontracting.


With testimonies from the workers and contributions from Luc Cortebeeck – International Labour Organisation, Jan Buelens and Mieke Van Laer – the lawyers representing the workers and David Van Turnhout – the journalist who brought the case to light.


Our partners

‘Qatar In Belgium’ is presented in collaboration with ABVV, ACV, Mo* Magazine, Gazet Van Antwerpen, DeWereldMorgen, Oikos, Vermeylenfonds, Sampol, Hart Boven Hard, KifKif,, Motief vzw, Ella Vzw, Vrede vzw, ACV Puls, Masereelfonds, Algemene Centrale van de ABVV, de,, SAAMO Antwerpen, Hand in Hand tegen racisme, Fos ngo, Menarg, Victoria Deluxe


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